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Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by ensuring it is a welcoming, attractive product that any buyer or tenant can see himself/herself living in and, thus, desire to purchase or rent.

  • Organising your home reduces stress
  • Selling unwanted items make you money
  • Home staging increases the value of your home
  • Home staging leads to higher rents and better tenants
  • Decluttering creates valuable space
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Sixty seconds. That’s all it can take for someone to decide whether to buy your home. Which is why it pays for it to look the best it possibly can with Home Staging.

Step in professional organisers, Please Organise Me. They are offering our Urban Village clients a FREE home staging consultation so you can make the absolute most of your home and sell or let it for the highest price.

Rachel, founder and director at Please Organise Me

Home Staging Is A Proven Way To Add Up To 10% To The Value Of Your Property

This leads to a much quicker sale or let. Home staging paves the way for better presentation and – along with professional photos – has a direct impact on Rightmove click through rates. The greater the number of clicks, the higher the number of viewings, which can ultimately lead to a faster sale or let at a higher price.

For lettings, well presented properties attract the best tenants, who tend to look after them better.

Even if you are not moving home, there are many ways in which our home staging consultation can help you make the best use of your property. You may just be wanting advice on how to reorganise and style your home, implement clever storage or inspire you to channel your inner Marie Kondo and finally get round to decluttering. There’s a reason why the Japanese doyenne of decluttering has sold millions of copies of her books.

Our team of professional organisers have many tried and tested ideas for you to maximise your home space; leading to less stress, saving you time and energy and helping you feel more organised and in control. They can also declutter any room in your home, helping you to reassemble the space in a creative way, so its easier on the eye, as well as functional.

Have we mentioned that our consultation is completely free? So what are you waiting for?

If you are thinking of selling or letting your home, to take advantage of the free consultation and gain a few expert ideas, click on the link above and we’ll arrange for one of our professionals to visit for a no obligation chat.